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An alliance between Academia and Traditional Wisdom.

Most Williche people live on the Archipelago of Chiloé in southern Chile. Their main socio-political body is the General Council of Williche Chiefs of Chiloé, currently headed by the Highest Chief Don Segundo José Armando Llaitureo Manquemilla.

The Wekimün project has been the product of years of collaboration between the General Council of Williche Chiefs of Chiloé and the University of Prince Edward Island (Canada). 

This iniciative has received substantial financial support from Global Affairs Canada (GAC). This funding opportunity has allowed us to establish and strengthen professional relations with various Canadian researchers and create an interdisciplinary team in Chile.

The General Council of Williche Chiefs of Chiloé recognizes Wekimün as an irreplaceable opportunity to improve the quality of life for the Williche youth and their communities through the school’s educational programs that bring together and disseminate traditional Williche knoweldge.

The first stage of the Wekimün project operates in some of the most remote islands and territories of Chiloé, including the Islands of Alao and Apiao, from Quinchao community; Cailín Island, the community of Coldita, a territory that also includes the Island of Coldita, and Barra Chaigua, Piedra Blanca, Tuweo, Punta Paula, Incopulli, Yaldad, Trincao and Cocauque in the community of Quellón.





If you’d like to learn more about the General Council of Chiefs of Chiloé, download this brief PDF (In Spanish).
If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Kate Tilleczek’s research, you can visit her website here.

“Wekimün School could become an important initiative to avoid the disappearance of indigenous communities”.