Strengthening Wekimün Chilkatuwe as an institution.

One of our biggest challenges is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Wekimün project.

To become self-sustaining, the Wekimün team has worked to cultivate and formalize relationships with a number of national organizations. With the support of this network, we have been able to begin the process of becoming a state-recognized college (Centro de Educación Superior). Reaching this official status would allow the indigenous youth of Chiloé to have access to higher levels of certification and more educational opportunities in their own territories.

To date, the General Council of Williche Chiefs of Chiloé has formalized connections with Chiloé’s Healthcare Service, the Municipal Government of Quellón (departments of Education and Healthcare), the Municipal Government of Quinchao (departments of Education and Healthcare), Chile’s National Institute of Agrarian Research (INIA) and Chiloé’s Provincial Department of Education, Prodemu Chiloé and the University of Playa Ancha (Valparaíso). Similarly, we count on the support of Chiloé’s Provincial Government, who has expressed interest in learning more about our intercultural educational model.

Wekimün’s networking efforts are guided by the Council's conviction that furthering educational opportunities for Williche youth is a shared task that requires cooperation between the State of Chile and the Williche people. It is only by working together, the Council of Chiefs believes, that the well-being of Williche youth and communities can be ensured.  





- General Council of Chiefs & Municipal Corporation of Quinchao

- General Council of Chiefs & Municipal Corporation of Quellon / Department of Health

- General Council of Chiefs & Municipal Corporation of Quellon / Department of Education

- General Council of Chiefs & Agricultural Research Institute (INIA)

- General Council of Chiefs & Foundation For The Advancement And Development Of Women (PRODEMU)

- General Council of Chiefs & Chiloé Provincial Deparment of Education

- General Council of Chiefs & Chiloé Healthcare Services

- General Council of Chiefs & Playa Ancha University Of Educational Sciences

“Wekimün School could become an important initiative to avoid the disappearance of indigenous communities”.