"A school for and with indigenous youth and their communities".

The goal of the Wekimün Chilkatuwe project is to improve the quality of life of Williche youth, their families and territories through intercultural educational initiatives. Our educational model seeks to integrate traditional-indigenous and western-scientific knowledge into curricula and project-based learning programs.

Wekimün - ("new knowledge" in Mapudungun) - is the product of a longstanding collaboration between the General Council of Williche Chiefs of Chiloé and the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) - with a focus on integrating principles of sustainable community development and empowerment of indigenous identities into educational programs for young people and island-communities.
The teaching staff in Chiloé is a team of specialists and experts in culture, language, rural social development, land use, human rights, peace education and indigenous health. They work together with the Canadian faculty, headed by the researcher and professor at UPEI, Dr. Kate Tillezcek.

Pedagogical Model: Wekimün is a school that travels to different targeted territories. Our programs have two stages: 1) a classroom period where students attend lectures practice in laboratories and learning sites, and 2) a field-study stage where students return to their home territories to continue the work under the supervision of Wekimün faculty.

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Territories of Wekimün project: Alao Island (Quinchao), Apiao Island (Quinchao), Cailín Island (Quellón) and the territory of Coldita (Quellón), including the communities of Yaldad, Incopulli, Trincao, Cocauque, Coldita Island, Piedra Blanca, Tweo, Blanchart and La Barra-Chaiwao up to Inío).






Two one-year programs are running at Wekimün in 2016: Intercultural Health and Sustainable Development and Intercultural Bilingual Education and Sustainable Development. These programs are designed to equip persons from targeted territories with the necessary skills and credentials to pursue higher studies in health and education.

More programs will be added as Wekimün grows as an organization and is incorporated into Chile’s National Education System.

“Wekimün School could become an important initiative to avoid the disappearance of indigenous communities”.