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Academics from the University of Prince Edward Island the Laurentian University of Canada held work meetings with the team in Chiloe and participated in the IX Chilean Anthropology Congress in Castro.


With the objective of holding work meetings with different organizations and understanding the progress of the Wekimün project, the researcher and co-leader of the Wekimün project Kate Tilleczek and Dr. Ron Srigley of Laurentian University in Canada visited Chiloe from the 4th to the 14th of January.

The Canadian academics met with representatives from the Canadian Embassy in Chile when they arrived in Santiago; a meeting that was used to discuss the progress and the future of Wekimün Chilkatuwe.

In Chiloe, Dr. Tilleczek and Dr. Srigley met with the Chilean Wekimün team to support the objectives of the project and prepare for the future of the OTEC Wekimün Chilkatuwe. They participated in the IX Chilean Anthropology Congress where the importance of Wekimün's methodology was addressed.

“Our participation in the Chilean Anthropology Congress with the team was essential a part of the trip for us, as it provided a much-needed space for discussion about the methodologies and ideas behind the practises of the Wekimün School”, highlighted Dr. Tilleczek about the conference.

Dr. Tilleczek is also the director of the Young Lives initiative in Canada, and already has planned her second trip to Chiloe this year, adding that throughout her visit “I was very happy to have been invited by the Wekimün School and to have witnessed the true progress that this place has had since my last visit. While one may have an idea of the progress through meetings and photos, it is always more impressive when you can see it in person. The site, the infrastructure, the gardens and the development of a strong curriculum and team has made everything much more pleasant”.

Accordingly, Manuel Muñoz Millalonco, academic director of Wekimün Chilkatuwe held that the visit of the academic team in Canada “is very relevant, as now is the moment to evaluate the successful completion of the objectives that were proposed in the original design of the project. Throughout the years, the execution of the project has been generating various expected products throughout the various levels and areas of the project”.

The anthropologist added that Dr. Tilleczek's visit “reinforced the commitment of the team both in Chile and in Canada and also allowed for us to share certain aspects of the project with them that needed direct observation on the on the ground at Wekimün. On the other hand, throughout the years Ron (Srigley) has had an important role in the development of the Project through various operational roles as well as through his reflection on the curriculum. His visit is always an opportunity to go back, revisit and reflect together on our journey and share new initiatives that support the Wekimün process in the present and in the future,” he said.

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