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Three groups of youths have begun their studies at Wekimün Chilkatuwe in the programs of Intercultural Health and Sustainable Development and Intercultural Education and Sustainable Development.


Wekimün Chilkatuwe’s academic team is happy to see the enthusiasm with which different indigenous communities receive their programs. Particularly, they are happy to welcome a new student cohort to the school in Natri Bajo.

Since March, the school has received three different groups of students, the academic team says, as they celebrate the enthusiasm and commitment that these students have shown towards this joint educational initiative of the General Council of Williche Chiefs of Chiloé and the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Along the same lines, Eduardo Legüe Carimoney from Kaillín Island, who belongs to Wekimün’s third cohort, expressed his gratitude for the project, which, as he says “is very well received because it gives one the opportunity to learn about one’s own Williche culture and also about things that are not taught in school. Additionally, there is a very good team of professionals and students, which creates a very welcoming environment”.

Eduardo also commented on the importance that the school has with respect to the recovery of the Williche culture, which, as he told us, has recently started to disappear. “As a young person, I would like to see educational initiatives like Wekimün all over Chiloé, where young people can have the opportunity to learn about their culture, so that they can, in turn, share it with other youths who also grow up disconnected from their origins”.

Similarly, student Tania Barría Cuyul from Koldita Island, remarked that she really appreciates this type of school because “we had never had anything like it here. Schools like this are very important because we are gradually losing our culture. Wekimün’s purpose is precisely to combat that loss; it helps us to re-encounter our roots by teaching us Williche language and knowledge—which are things that we all should already know”.

To register for the courses offered at Wekimün Chilkatuwe you must be between 18 and 44 years old, Williche, and belong to the territories of Alao, Apiao, Kailín y Koldita.

To find out more, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call to 065-2800804.

Written by Comunicaciones Wekimün

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“Wekimün School could become an important initiative to avoid the disappearance of indigenous communities”.